Tomorrow’s bike ride

So my bike ride tomorrow will be cycling to NAdia,s house then back. This means I will be taking the bike to work, locking it up somewhere then riding it over to her place. I am still too scared to cycle on the road so I will probably walk the bike over to campus. PEople keep telling me about the wonderful cycle lanes in soton and that it’s not that bad to cycle on the roads, but I’m going to try to take my time. As you an tell I have a complex about this. Someone also told me to cycle on the pavement. I read that it’s not allowed. BUt when I did cycle on the pavement yesterday I ended up getting very shakey as there we’re bushes etc coming at me. It’s also quite down hill (when I run I love this bit) but it freaks me out that the pavement is quite thin so I can’t correct myself. I guess this the advantage of cycling on the road. SO tomorrow I will be doing the cycle all by myself across the common. I normally would walk the route so it will e interesting to see how this goes. SLightly scared but excited.