My Publications

Pau, R, Grace, M and Hall, W (2011) IT’S BORING: A comparison of male and female students’ experiences of ICT GCSE/ A-level and Computing A-level lessons and their impact on student motivation. School Science Review (In Press)


Pau, R, Grace, M, Hall, W and Woollard, J  (2011) Female students’ experiences of programming: It’s not all bad! In, ITiCSE 2011, Darmstadt, DE 27 – 29 Jun 2011. (In Press)


Dee, Hannah M., Petrie, Karen E., Boyle, Roger D. and Pau, Reena (2009) Why are we still here?: experiences of successful women in computing. Paris, FR 06 – 09 Jul 2009. New York City, US, Association for Computing Machinery, 233-237.


Pau, R., Hall, W., and White, S. 2007. Women in computing: how does experience influence self-perception of computing careers? In Proceedings of the 12th Annual SIGCSE Conference on innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (Dundee, Scotland, June 25 – 27, 2007). (Poster)

Liccardi, I., Ounnas, A., Pau, R., Massey, E., Kinnumen, P., Lewthwaite, S., Midy, M. A. and Sakar, C. (2007), The role of social networks in students’ learning experiences. ACM SIGCSE Bulletin (December Issue). pp. 224-237.

Pau, R (2007), Commentary: Gender and ICT by Woollard, J, . Learning and teaching using ICT in secondary schools. Commentary. Learning Matters. Pp 70.

Fullick, P; Boyle, R D; Clark, M A C; Pau, R. Young people’s perceptions of CS as a university course in: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Informatics in Secondary Schools, ISSEP 2006, pp. 701. 2006.

Pau, R., Argles, D., White, S. and Lovegrove, G. (2005) Computer Geek versus Computer Chic: IT Career and IT Education. In: 6th International Women into Computing Conference, 14th-16th July 2005, Greenwich, UK.


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